Tony Hammett and Peak Racing Team offer training, racing and triathlon camp opportunities for endurance athletes who enjoy training for and racing in triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running events. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Peak Racing Team serves athletes in the metro-Atlanta area and across the United States.

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Peak Racing Team knows training and racing requires a personal commitment of effort and time. That is why we offer a wide variety of services to not only achieve your individual goals, but fit your lifestyle.  Our different coaching packages and team amenities include:

  • Multisport and Endurance Sport Training Plans
  • Single Sport Coaching
  • One-On-One Training Sessions
  • Training Blocks
  • Heart Rate Testing and Zone Establishment
  • Power Testing and Zone Establishment
  • Power-based Training
  • Nutritional Advice for Training and Racing
  • Email and Phone Communication
  • Free Group Training
  • Discounts with our Sponsors and Partners
  • Race Discounts
  • Social Events

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